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Update on Roadworks and Improvement schemes in the area

Newgate Lane – northern section    

Hampshire County Council commissioned Atkins to carry out an independent review of options to address the problems of exiting Speedfields (particularly ASDA) on to Newgate Lane. The results have been reported, together with a plan of action, to the Executive Member for Environment and Transport.

Some immediate measures have already been taken such as improving sight lines for exiting traffic, and signage encouraging motorists to use the McDonald’s exit.

Officers remain in active discussions with ASDA in an attempt to find more measures to assist customers in exiting the store car park. This may result in a second exit from the ASDA car park itself.

Newgate Lane – southern section

installing temporary fencing along the route.

installing protective fencing to areas of existing trees adjacent to the new road

at Woodcote Lane - removal of vegetation from the existing ditch and trimming of the existing hedge

on Newgate Lane – the removal of vegetation along sections of the eastern verge.

It was important to get this work completed before the bird-nesting season in March. Tenders for the road construction should be returned by end of April and work started in mid-summer when, hopefully, the water table in the area should be at its lowest.

There has been comment on the need for a completely new road alignment as opposed to upgrading the existing roadway. Much of the costs in upgrading the existing road would be in realigning services (e.g. gas, water and electricity) and traffic management (considerable night work at premium cost).  This  solution would not address the main concern of far too many accesses on to a major through route. Hence the need for a completely new road.

Stubbington bypass

Since securing Planning Permission in October 2015, Hampshire County Council has been actively seeking funding for the Stubbington bypass most notably from Local Growth Fund via the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). A funding contribution of £8.5m was approved by the County Council at a meeting in September 2016. In addition, in February 2017 the Government announced that £25.7 million of funding has been awarded from the Local Growth Fund 3 towards the delivery of the scheme. This means that full funding has now been secured for the Stubbington bypass and work can now commence to progress the scheme towards delivery.

Before delivery can commence Hampshire County Council needs to  complete the detailed design of the scheme, undertake advance  ecological and other environmental works and acquire the land needed to build the scheme. The earliest that construction of the scheme is likely to commence is towards the end of the 2018/19 financial year, withconstruction expected to take around two years to complete.

Should the IFA2 project be formally approved, LRA believes that, due to the high volume of construction traffic it will generate and the need to transport some huge ‘indivisible loads’ the Converter building should not be started until the  Stubbington bypass is open.

If existing roads were used it would create even more congestion and for some of the large loads  probably require the removal of street furniture (traffic bollards, street lights and signs) as well as cutting back roadside trees.