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The 2011-2029 Local Plan was approved, copies of the adopted Plan 2011 -2029 can be viewed on Gosport’s Web Site planning pages, or in the Planning Department, 3rd Floor Planning Department in the Town Hall Gosport. It is also available in Gosport Library.

The work for the next local plan has already started as inputs for the “Local Plan Review 2036” at this stage it is looking to identify potential sites for development in the Borough of Gosport, after discussion with the Forward Planning Officers in GBC, your planning sub-committee submitted a list of ‘Open Space’ areas which the Lee Residents have indicated they would NOT wish to be developed.

The field on Manor Way, listed in the GBC Local Plan as a designated open space and originally owned by the Royal Navy as a sports field for HMS Daedalus. We recognise that this land is now owned by GBC and the Communities Board are considering possible uses including looking at using part or whole of the site for allotments.  The Lee Residents carried out a poll seeking suggestions for the preferred uses of this land. The majority option, suggested to accommodate local residents needs and be as environmentally acceptable as possible, is to divide the site with allotments to rear of field with an open space fronting onto Manor Way.  There is Japanese knotweed on the land and this will need removing before it can be brought into use by the public.

GBC propose to create a rest garden to the front of the site with allotments on the remainder.  A public consultation is to be carried out to seek residents’ views and will be publicised when released.

Include link with plan as in Newsletter.

The whole of Lee’s Seafront, particularly as we recognise that this area is already designated open space in both the Local Plan and the Marine Parade Area of Special Character.  We would be opposed to any development on the cliff tops going from the western borough boundary to east at Elmore Green and extending to the Browndown scrubland, owned by Hampshire County Council and adjacent to the Ministry of Defence owned Ranges.

The field linked to Cherque Farm currently being leased by horse owners owned by Persimmon or GBC.  This is part of the gateway to Lee-on-the-Solent as open space before the beginning of the Alver Valley. Equally we would not wish to see any further applications on open green amenity space on Cherque Farm.