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Fareham additional housing planned - updated June 2019

Well done all those who have added objections to the 125 homes on the south and 75 on the north side of the new Newgate Lane and the new Newgate Lane South Relief Road. (Submitted on 29th April 2019 by Bargate Homes).  The objection count is significant and cannot be totally ignored but there is more than needs your consideration if you live anywhere south of Newgate Lane and don’t want to be built in, with all the further congestion that it would generate.

If not already objected USE THIS LINK TO DO AN ON-LINE OBJECTION https://tinyurl.com/y5jk87nn


Fareham’s newest schemes in the Fareham, Lee and Stubbington Strategic Gap will impact all of us that live in Lee, Gosport, Stubbington, peninsula.  It is recommend everyone should object.  The number of objections are a vital indicator of public concern and one of the factors that influence the case for a public enquiry.  In effect if there are insufficient local objectors it could well be approved without any local accountability, just like the IFA2 project was implemented by Fareham in complete disregard to the population it will have the greatest impact on (Note: it was later admitted that the IFA2 plans should have been subject to a public inquiry -  ‘and lessons had to be learned’).  https://www.fareham.gov.uk/planning/localplanconsultation.aspx

This URL also gives online access to the “Fareham Today” leaflet which gives an overview of Fareham’s views on the housing shortfall and its proposals.  

 Remember make sure you use the word “ I Object to” in your response.    You can use the same reasons as advised for the above Newgate Lane proposals.   By all means plagiarise the LRA objection, altering the wording a bit it if you can so that Fareham Planners cannot accuse us of raising the same application with different names. Equally add your own reasons although remember to try and find a valid planning reason for your objection as “don’t like it, don’t want it” do not get counted as valid objections (just subjective views) It’s far better if have additional arguments if you can quote a divergence from the previous Local Plan policies or the development strategies.  Again examples are in the LRA Objection letters