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A GOVERNMENT scheme that will see

200 Starter homes built on Daedalus

Prime Minister David Cameron announced on 12/5/16 that the waterfront zone of Daedalus, in Lee-on-the-Solent, is part of a nationwide policy to build homes on publicly-owned land.

Central government is stepping in and directly commissioning thousands of the new affordable homes, giving smaller building companies the chance to take on the projects where planning permission is already in place. (add) The Homes and Communities Agency currently have a contractor preparing the ground and laying in the services for new housing in two plots of approximately 100 in each site, the sites are shown in orange on the attached plan. (insert PDF attached PDF file which the HCA has released to the LRA)  The design of the houses and the building contractor have not been announced yet and the detailed plans have yet to be published under the planning application listings by GBC

Councillor Mark Hook, leader of Gosport council, welcomed the news saying the homes were already part of the town’s Local Plan. These 200 homes have always been part of the development on the Daedalus site, therefore if funding is available for these homes, it has to be seen as a positive. The thing to reiterate here is that the Local Plan includes 500 homes for Daedalus of which 251 already have planning permission, some of these have been built or are in the process of being built. These 200 houses are not additional housing. If the government is coming forward and saying funding will be available for affordable homes, then this has to be a good thing.

Concerns have been raised about the traffic which could be caused by the additional houses but Cllr Hook said infrastructure plans are already in place. This includes work to Newgate Lane south and the proposals for the Stubbington Bypass. He also said thousands of jobs are being created at Daedalus meaning people could live and work locally.

The radical new approach will mean the government will directly commission small and up-and-coming companies to build thousands of new homes on sites right across the country. The new investment will help kick-start regeneration and secure planning permission in urban areas – renovating disused or under-occupied urban sites so builders can get to work without any delays.

A starter home is a home sold to a first time buyer under 40, for at least a 20% discount to market value, The discounts apply to properties worth up to £250,000 outside London. The government expects most of these homes to be well under any cap, as with the Help to Buy equity loan scheme. The purchaser must live in the home for five years to gain the full benefit of the discount, and if they move earlier, they will lose the discount.

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