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Planning News:

Policy on Reviewing Planning Applications

As a proportion of total planning applications, we object to very few, certainly under 1%.  However, when we do object it is often in respect of a high-profile case generating considerable publicity.  So the impression may easily, but wrongly, be given that we approve of little and object to much.  We do not generally object on grounds of design. We leave this to the neighbours and the Gosport Society whom we liaise with regarding conservation, heritage and design matters.

It is important to recognise that “objection” does not necessarily mean that we object to the entire plan.  Often, we have no dispute with the scheme as a whole.  It may, indeed, be only one detail that we would like changed.  Planning procedures, however, dictate that we must include the term “object” even if we only want one feature changed.  

For example in a recent and we believe import success for the planning team and Lee, while of a relatively low profile, the application was of major significance and we believe the resulting ruling a real success in preserving the character of Lee.  It was an application to build a property on a Lee Back Lane or Service Road, having its frontage, only access and parking exclusively from that back lane.  We objected on the grounds these service roads are not formally adopted nor suitable for regular traffic, neither ideal to front any new  residential development.  Gosport Planners supported our case with an initial planning refusal but this was taken to Appeal.  We expanded our case in writing to the Planning Inspector who upheld the case for refusal.  We believe this was a success in planning terms and an important principal in preserving the character of Lee.

We do give careful consideration to applications in a conservation area or any applications that do not meet the guidelines in ‘Gosport’s Local Plan.  Often we meet with GBC planners on the larger applications eg Daedalus proposals.  Sometimes, (and, more usually, if the Council support our comments) the developer can be persuaded to make changes for the benefit of the community.  The most common objection we raise is that the developer is not meeting the required parking allocation in size or total allocation.

We appreciate feedback on any planning issues and urge you to continue to write your own letters to Gosport Council whenever you feel strongly about any particular development.  Such letters do carry weight with the Regulatory Board that has the ultimate responsibility for the final decision.

Brian Mansbridge

Constance Williams

Alison Roast

Aison Collett

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