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Proposed Radar Installation at Daedalus –

after visit to Drop In session - 7 Mar 2016

The radar is an ASR 23 SS built by Ratheon Canada. The antenna is an Airbus SRE-M5 and is second hand having been used at Heathrow previously.

This antenna is no longer in production. 10 rpm, 14.5m x 9 = 130.5 m2.  

Details of the radar are very different to those we were given when a group of us visited the Daedalus recently.

It comprises two radar sets:

An L Band (1 to 2 GHz) primary surveillance radar, 54Kw (not 1 GW as quoted to us before – the G seems to be a misquote of a GHz frequency?); antenna gain 36 dBi; beam width 3 deg.

An S Band secondary surveillance radar (2 to 4Ghz); Ratheon Mk2a LVA; 16m2; PRF 148Hz; beam width 3 deg.

ICNIRP Guidelines give a safe exposure level of 6.25 W/m2 I was told. Expected signal level varies from 1/10 of that at the antenna and from 1/10 to 1/100 at the nearest houses. There is some risk at antenna height within 28m radius of the antenna leading to advice that the radar is shut down if a crane or similar is operating within that circle.

Dr Neil Gardner, the project manager, reports that the radar would only be used for 80 -100 days per year as a training facility and only during normal working days from 08:00-17:00, no weekend use. Distance to the nearest house is 145m, i.e. further away than we had estimated before. No audible noise is claimed. When asked about TV interference he said that the frequencies used were well clear of those used by TVs. In the unlikely event of TV interference, it seems that the BBC are responsible for resolving interference problems see here for further info

If all this info is correct and there are no undisclosed negative features (like National Grid’s statement that the IFA2 digital transformers make no noise, carefully forgetting to mention that the cooling equipment does!) it appears not to be a problem?