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What is it and what does it do?

It converts electricity to and from France to connect with our National Power Grid

It is needed as the UK shuts down coal and oil power stations, like Calshot near to Fawley and  at times we need to buy in power to keep the lights on (France has built new nuclear power stations that continue to work when the wind is not turning our wind generators or the sun not illuminating on our solar panels)

It is so massive (22 metres high and covering an area equal to four football pitches) to house the huge inverters and transformers in a fully controlled environment

Questions & concerns.

Where will it go in Daedalus? Near the Peel Common roundabout

Why is it being built on our Strategic Gap between Fareham and Daedalus? It will reduce the Open Space and is on a site designated as bio-diverse in the Local Plan (proposed site indicated on the map to the left)

Where to put it? Hampshire doesn’t want it at Chilling (on the coast between Warsash and Titchfield) and the developer claims Fawley is no longer an option

Why Daedalus? It is thought  Fareham Borough Council want it on Daedalus as it will earn the Borough a reputed £10m bonus and £1m rent per year

Other serious concerns are over health issues, noise and the threat to aviation and businesses in Daedalus and Lee on Solent

Pros: It is essential to keep the UK lights on (unless we build our own nuclear, gas, tidal or other 24/365 power generators)

Cons: A massive building that will dominated the skyline in the Strategic Gap and ‘Gateway’ to Lee on Solent with some very serious impacts ……

Long term health effects reportedly unknown, but ask those folk who live near power lines or look on the internet at ‘health effects of electro-magnetic energy?’ Or look at the known effects of electromagnetic radiation on fertility? How is this going to affect local housing, schools, colleges, businesses and visitors?  Also ask, do I want to live near this or pass it every day on my way to school, college or work?

It is likely to be noisy. Even the National Grid admitted it has “…significant levels of audible noise”.  Reports from other interconnectors indicate noise levels at 90dB. (this is comparable with truck traffic”). 90-95 dB is also the level at which “sustained exposure may result in hearing loss”. Peel Common houses are only a few 100 metres away and will experience this 24/7; what will it sound like or how far will the noise carry in the dead of night?

Its location at Daedalus with cables in and out to sea is more expensive than siting it in the National Grid’s preferred location at Chilling or the alternative industrial site at Fawley, the latter already having a connection to the National Grid.  A Daedalus location will cost us all more on our electricity bills than either the Chilling or Fawley alternatives

The viability and safety of the Airfield may be impacted by such a huge building so close to the runway and other electro-magnetic effects may make it unsafe for some aircraft.

Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club, a successful operator at Daedalus for 50 years, may not be able to use the airfield due to potential wind eddies from the massive interconnector. Atlas helicopters are already moving out and other operators are known to be uneasy about the future

The Enterprise Zone at Daedalus was aimed at job creation. This project will consume the area of four football pitches but generate about 3 jobs once constructed

The building will be so immense that it cannot be effectively screened and National Grid claim that it cannot be lowered. If you want an idea of how big it is likely to be, look at the Drystack Building at Trafalgar Wharf Portchester

Meeting with National Grid and Caroline Dinenage

The Chairs of Hill Head Residents Association, Lee on Solent Residents Association and Peel Common Residents Association met with our MP and National Grid giving a consistent message about their concerns with the proposal.

National Grid claimed that Daedalus is their only option. Interconnectors at the Isle of Grain, Aldington, Kent and one under construction at Richborough, Kent are all well away from any housing, the Daedalus proposal is the exception.

Supported by your local Councillors, Lee Residents and the other two Residents Associations do not support IFA2 being built at Daedalus near educational facilities, businesses and an operational airfield. They would urge local people make their views known by letter or email and to attend the next consultation round due in March to complete feedback forms to ensure their voice is heard. Please spread the word to your friends and family and ask them to make their concerns known.

Thank you for your support

Martin Marks OBE,

Chair Lee on Solent Residents Association.