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 Village Green Application for Victoria Square

The application to register the north- east quarter* of  Victoria Square as a ‘Village Green’ is in the final stages of preparation, and is soon to be submitted to the Commons Registration Authority at Hampshire County Council for consideration.

Below is a photo to remind you how Victoria Square used to look, before the new Vicarage and houses were built and how it looks now from the same point of view. These nearly completed houses are currently up for sale on the open market.



It is likely it will take some time for the case and evidence to be assessed. It will initially be considered by a Regulatory Board appointed by Hampshire County Council and, if opposed, may well be subject to a non statutory public enquiry, both of which will require the Village Green Working Group and other voluntary  witnesses to attend.

Left is a  photograph of the remaining open space in Victoria Square.  It is the “as of right” use of that green space that the LRA is seeking to protect. If accepted as a ‘Village Green’ the land will still be owned by the Diocese of Portsmouth but once registered it will, as the law stands, remain an open space for both St. Faith’s Church and the residents of Lee to continue using just as as they have done for generations.      

Thanks to all those of you who  have completed the ‘evidence questionnaires’- which form an  essential part of our submission - and to the LRA Village Green Working Group which has spent considerable time and effort in gathering the evidence to support the application.

LRA sincerely hopes all this effort will preserve this open space for the people of Lee, much as the Robinson family, the founding family of Lee appear to have intended.

The ‘green’ on Victoria Square  - our aim is to preserve this remaining open space

The same corner with new houses & Vicarage

The Vicarage site as it used to be