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Safety concerns at Alver Valley Play area from residents of Lee-on-Solent

Letter from concerned resident of Lee-on-Solent to Streetscene

Dear Sir or Madam

 I'm sure you're aware that the new play park has been rightly very popular especially at week-ends. You may not be aware though that parking related to it is causing problems. Whether it's because the car park is full or simply because people don't want to pay the fee, visitors have been parking on both sides of Fitzroy Drive and right on the corner of Megson Drive. The latter in particular causes a danger to traffic & I would think make it very difficult for commercial vehicles. Last weekend cars were also on the grass verges on Cherque Way.

Could you tell me what your plan is to counter this hazardous parking.



Cherque Farm resident

Reply from Streetscene:-


Thank you for reporting your concerns regarding parking associated with the new play facility in the Alver Valley.

 Gosport Borough Council is discussing the issues with Hampshire County Council, as they are the highway authority and would be responsible for agreeing any remedial measures on the estate roads.   In response to concerns about pedestrian crossing facilities to/from the park, HCC are arranging for SLOW road markings on both approaches on Cherque Way, as well as LOOK LEFT/LOOK RIGHT markings at all the refuge island crossing points around the roundabout.

 Visitor numbers at the park were high at the opening weekend and will be monitored by GBC in the coming weeks, as these may reduce after a settling down period.   HCC will monitor parking on the estate roads, but it should be noted that formal parking restrictions are unlikely to be considered in the short term.   It would not be appropriate to merely displace parked vehicles elsewhere on the estate and this would likely prove unpopular with other residents.

Currently yellow lines are situated along Cherque Way, which makes it is an offence to park on the road or the adjoining verge.  Parking on the highway is enforced by Hampshire Police and any offences should be reported to the Police on the 101 non-emergency number.

Yours sincerely


Streetscene Administrative Assistant