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The Sea Front

Lee has one of the best promenades and access to the sea on the Solent. The promenade is 1.5 miles of uninterrupted walking, for the most part free from close contact and noise of traffic. There are splendid views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight and the New Forest with a wide interest in shipping and sailing from Cowes, especially in the summer season.

The shingle shore is a rebuild from dredgings in Southampton Water, it now gives splendid access to the sea and is the recreational base for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, picnicing and various forms of boating.

The shingle has now been in place for ten years and has become well populated by people, plant and other animals. The non sea washed part of the beach has become covered in a fine turf of clovers, Bird’s foot Trefoil and other low lying herbs which can stand the combined efforts of footfall and salty gales to dislodge them. Further out on the loose shingle there are colourful Yellow Horned Poppies and the enormous Sea Kale. A sort of sea cabbage which thrives on loose shingle. And beyond that are a crop of spinach like plants which are annual and spring up in the calm summer weather only to disappear to seeds in the winter time.

We have no rock pools to explore but a careful look at the stone groins, made of massive limestone boulders reveals plenty of animal interest. Limpets and Sea Anemones, Barnacles and small crabs. Plenty to amuse the diligent searcher. But have a care those rocks are slippy and have large holes between them.

Access - Parking and access to the beach can be found all along Marine Parade East and West. The two principal car parks lie central and by far the largest is on Marine Parade East at SU 564 003. This also provides good access to shops and ice cream.

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