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Browndown Coastal Area

This small green area, on the south side of Portsmouth Road was created from a former pig field. It is managed by Hampshire County Council as an open space of about 2.5 acres. It is available for walking , but dogs should be kept under control and any mess they make should be gathered up. There is a walk way around the perimeter of the site and the growing scrub is in blocks which are rotationally cut back on an eight year cycle. The access paths are mown annually. Because of the previous tenants (pigs) growth is very vigorous and the area has no great floral interest. There are great green bush crickets in the grass and those who have good hearing can enjoy their song from August onwards. It has a good roost and cover for small birds and Goldfinches particularly enjoy the Teasel seeds. It is a pleasant green area of 2.5 acres protected by gorse hedge to the south and can be enjoyed when a salty gale is blowing across Browndown South.

Access - Parking. Best at Elmore Fishing Club Car Park (There is a charge) and then through the small wicket gate at the east end of the car park. You will see the Hampshire County Council Board on the right hand side of the gate. Car Park Map ref SZ 5660 9979.

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