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National Air Traffic Services (NATS)

Airfield Radar. National Air Traffic Services (NATS) is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to provide air traffic control services throughout the UK. In order for NATS to maintain the continued operation of these radar sites, an additional radar site is required with the primary purpose to provide NATS with a spare unit (it’s in a portable container) and as a test and training platform for the current radars in service and to test future radar technology. The proposal is for “The erection of a new 25 metre high radar tower, radar and Equipment Cabin within a secure fenced compound and associated development. A planning application has been made to Fareham Borough Council to site this new radar installation on Daedalus airfield.  The original proposal was just off the new entrance from Broom Way and near the Navy housing.  It has had to be moved due to the MCA height restriction that safeguards helicopter operations, the move is expected to take the tower further away from Lee housing, so ignore the location map shown in this link to the article.

While the LRA is quite happy the tower is to be moved further away toward Fareham, if built at all, it is somewhat surprising that a tall telecommunications mast of about the same height is right by the helo hanger!  Unfortunately the IFA2 electricity converter, recently approved by Fareham, is outside this height restriction area.

East Gate Development “Faraday Park” and new Airfield Hangers. New-build industrial units on the East Hangars development site called “Faraday Park” are in the finishing stages.  Just beyond the “Faraday Park”  new Airside Hangars are under construction adjacent to the old North-South runway. To the north of this work area new earth works have started which is in the vicinity that the Interconnector cables are likely to strike off across the airfield towards France and Chilling.