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Daedalus Interconnector IFA2

We have pleasure in sharing 3 slides with you received after a recent presentation:

1. The Progress of the site>>>

2.  The Converter Station>>>

3.  Details about the lifting of the Fairey Barracuda WWII plane>>>

Steelwork erection for the Converter Buildings is near completion with roofing and some of the blue and grey cladding in place. The open area to the north and east of the building is virtually complete, except for vacating and finishing the 2 car parks and tending to the planted grass and trees in order that they grow. The immense scale of this project, both onshore and offshore, will become very evident this year, particularly when the heavy indivisible loads come over the hovercraft slipway to make their way to the work site and the onshore and offshore cable laying starts. Crofton Avenue and part of Monks Hill car park and the adjacent beach will be cordoned off for most of the year as they are instrumental in the process around the installation of the cables from sea and across the airfield to the converter buildings. There will be more information at the Lee Residents May Public Meeting and in the Summer Newsletter. The IFA website ifa2@interconnector.com also gives more detail.