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Daedalus Interconnector IFA2 - Website Draft Jan 18 Revised Mar 18

Last year Fareham Borough Councils' Planning Committee approved the various outline plans enabling National Grid’s IFA2 interconnector development to proceed to construction, despite over 1000 local objections.  Fareham also ignored the ‘calling in’ procedures that were initiated by our MP and all three local Residents Associations.  In consequence of ignoring the procedures the Chief Planner (England) sent a letter of censure to Fareham and the Civil Servants who manage the process promised to do better, or as they said they promised “a change in procedures”.  Despite the failure of due democratic processes it has effectively permitted the whole project to go ahead without the correct level of scrutiny for the interconnector that is the only one of its type to be situated near a residential area, in a strategic gap and yet to be defined impacts on the safety of the airfield and local resident’s health.  Work has now started on preparing the site and planting of the screening trees, celebrated in a ceremonial tree planting by the leader of Fareham Borough Council and the National Grid IFA2 Project Leader on the 28th February.

Equally frustrating is the fact that National Government fails to grasp the pointlessness of building a power inverter facility that has a very uncertain power source as many French nuclear power stations are being shut down at end of their safe life.  It is quite understandable why National Grid are happy to ignore this fact as much of the interconnector cost will be spread over all our power bills while handsomely increasing their business portfolio and profits.  Then when the electricity power gap happens, as all the experts predict and that was before the announcement of all-electric cars, we will have little option to pay whatever price the foreign power generators require, just to “keep our lights on”.  Even better business for the National Grid with the only infrastructure to meet the countries power requirement and their profits assured for decades.

National Grid has just held their latest "local public consultation" to persuade us how beneficial the Daedalus interconnector will be; during planning they were keen to try and assure us this was not a massive "big humming shed".  Unsurprising with approval behind them now the only illustration of the building shown is in 15 years time when all the trees have grown.  Equally while seeking planning approval they were keen to describe how they would minimise the impact of construction, now the plan shows Newgate Lane as the prime construction traffic route, although “they will attempt to minimise construction traffic at school run time” said the PR man primed to answer questions on the construction display.

 What do we do now?  Overheard at the PR event…..it’s a fait accompli…. “best now keep quiet about it, or it will devalue all our properties!