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Daedalus Interconnector IFA2

The Converter Buildings are nearly complete with blue and grey cladding in place, fortunately they are somewhat screened from Peel Common roundabout by the earth bunds and will be more so when the tree planting grows. If you want to see the true size of the converter station there are some gaps viewing from, from Gosport Road to the north.  Viewed from the south over the airfield on Daedalus Drive the distant view diminishes the real size. The open space area to the north and east of the converter buildings is complete, although not yet accessible, one of the car parks is currently in used by the construction contractors. The immense scale of this project is very evident by the size and extent of the construction works onshore and offshore with ongoing cable laying. Crofton Avenue and part of Monks Hill car park and the adjacent beach will be cordoned off for most of the year as they are instrumental in the process of connection of the cables from sea to land and across the airfield to the converter buildings. The IFA website also gives more detail.