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The Hovercraft Museum

The structural defects in the Hovercraft Museum hangars have been fixed under a contract with the Homes and Communications Agency (HCA). This has made the hangars watertight and safe enabling the museum to reopen to the public.  Currently the museum is open on Saturdays detail can be found on the the

Museum Website

The Hovercraft Museum Trustees are delighted to announce that they have been successful in securing the future of SRN4 “The Princess Anne” which is being improved for better public viewing after many years laid up onsite without the museum having any access to it.  Working closely with the land agent an initial three-year lease, at peppercorn rent, has been drawn up with the hope that the HCA will hand the craft over completely after 3 years, assuming that it does not have to be moved if the site is sold. This period also allows the museum to fulfil its aim of making the craft safe, restored in part and more fully open to the public. Thanks must go to the HCA (acting as the Government Site Agent), the 23,000 signatories to our petition and the support of the Museum’s local MP Caroline Dinenage. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to save this unique part of our hovercraft heritage.

While the Museum Trustees are encouraged by Gosport’s and local residents’ support as well as enthusiasts worldwide to secure a future for the Hovercraft Museum, the only museum in the world to solely feature this British pioneered invention, there is is still much work to return to the standard of displays and exhibits that do justice to the amount of hovercraft history on site.  The museum is also very limited in funds,  restricted by a temporary site lease due to the potential sale of the Waterfront site, which means the museum is unable to apply for any of the normal heritage support funding. Thus any help by volunteers, if only to give a few hours a week would be really appreciated. To run a museum does not just rely on enthusiasts for hovercraft, there are all sorts of tasks that would help: guides, administrative tasks and general help particularly on open days. For those interested please make contact via the website or telephone 02392 552090.

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the day Princess Anne

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