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The Hovercraft Museum

The Hovercraft Museum has been open on Saturday’s and by arrangement on Wednesdays during the summer, some Saturdays feature Hovertravel hovercraft trips either as a familiarisation trip returning to Lee or a crossing to Ryde with a return to Lee in the afternoon, details can be found on the website

The culmination of 2019 restoration work was a visit by HRH Princess Anne to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of HRH naming the Hovercraft “The Princess Anne.”  This was in the company of the Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire, the High Sheriff, the Chairman of Hampshire County Council and the Mayor of Gosport and representatives of the Hovercraft industry and services. Many guests were also personnel involved with the SRN4 hovercraft “The Princess Anne” over the period of the crafts service and museum life.  During the visit HRH and guests watched a hovercraft demonstration by Hovertravel and Griffon of two modern Hovercraft, toured the museum and met many of the volunteers and representatives of hovercraft industry and operators prior to a short speech and unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

Equally good news is that Homes England has agreed a further lease for the museum site. As the sole museum in the world to feature this British pioneered invention the Museum Trustees are encouraged by Gosport’s and local residents’ support as well as enthusiasts worldwide to secure a future for the Hovercraft Museum.  Nonetheless there is still much work to improve the standard of displays and exhibits that do justice to the amount of hovercraft history on site.  The museum is very limited by funds and is not is a position to apply for any of the normal heritage support funding due to the temporary nature of the site lease, it currently survives on a hand to mouth existence from gate receipts and voluntary support. Thus any help by volunteers, if only to give a few hours a week would be really appreciated. To run a museum does not just rely on enthusiasts for hovercraft, there are all sorts of tasks that would help; guides, administrative tasks and general help on open days. For those interested please make contact via by telephone 02392 552090 or visit the website

This is well worth watching -

the day Princess Anne

Arrived in Lee