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Fareham Airfield Developments

CEMAST stands for “Centre of Excellence in Engineering Manufacturing and Advanced Skills” This is an offshoot of Fareham College, training about 900 full and part-time students primarily in marine, aviation and automobile engineering skills and technology.  It also has applied to extend its training to construction skills using one of the new units in Daedalus Park.

 The Innovation Centre. This is dedicated to providing new business with bespoke office and workshop space. It has 15 light-manufacturing workshops and 24 offices. It is already full, no doubt helped by the discounted terms available within the enterprise zone package, so much so that second Innovation Centre is being built to the North of the first block.

The “Gateway” to the the Airfield, the Enterprise Zone and Waterfront areas. Unfortunately for the residents of Lee it appears the green verges that currently comprise the gateway to ‘Daedalus’ near CEMAST were also part of the airfield package sold to Fareham.  Unsurprisingly it is now up for sale as prime industrial land.  Potential development around this primary entrance and “Green Gateway” to Daedalus is also on the on the roadside into Lee.  Currently the impression of a green and open development could be lost to an industrial conurbation, most likely blighted by cluttered and roadside parking.  While we recognise this sale cannot be vetoed by GBC it is hoped that most rigorous planning controls are exercised, including full implementation of the need for retaining open spaces, a specific requirement stated in the Daedalus outline plan.

Conversely the Maritime and Coastguard Agency are be applying to FBC to put a ring of satellite receiver domes on the airfield not far from the present Coastguard Hanger.  These are neither high nor will be obtrusive as they all are sighted behind the wire on the grassed area of Solent Airport Daedalus.  The receivers are part of an important update enabling the Coastguard to receive emergency signals from mariners using their own dedicated satellite system, not as currently, signals piggy-backed on commercial networks.  The cost and land-agent commitment to this project bodes well for the future of the airfield and will specifically preclude nearby development.  As a receiver system it also underscores current airfield horizon height restrictions, a M&CA covenant governing parts of the airfield for safe helicopter operations.