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200 new Homes built on Daedalus

Wates homes in the east and west sites are topping out and appearing on the market.  The developer also has a planning application lodged to do the conversion work on Wykeham Hall, Frobisher block and replace the former Keith Cottages with housing, this all forms an intrinsic part of the eastern development site. 

The LRA has reviewed the plans and has recognised that the loss of Keith Cottages was a better option than retaining the fabric of the cottages only to restrict the parking to less than the laid down standards.  It will also allow more open connection between Kings’ Road Corner and the new development. Gosport parking standards are among the highest for local authorities but the ever increasing car ownership means even these standards fail to keep up with the demand. Thus there is always the need to provide adequate parking on new developments to avoid overspill onto existing residential streets.