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The former St John’s Ambulance Hall - (9 Anglesea Road)

19/00099/FULL – the application to make this a residence has been superseded by an application to turn the building into an Orthodontic Practice with 3 consulting rooms.  

The LRA has raised an objection but have been advised this will be approved under delegated powers as there is nothing that can be done since there is no ‘change of use’ category involved.  When there are so many empty shops on the high streets of the borough we can only hope that common sense and our Councillors can do something to prevent the parking chaos that will befall the residents of the area.

The LRA objected on the grounds that it contravenes Gosport Borough Councils (GBC’s) Parking SPD. There is no mention of car parking provision in the Design and Access Statement or proposals how it will address the significant shortfall to meet the Parking SPD requirements, Table 5 for Health Establishments.

Following this we had discussion with GBC Planners and Councillor John Beavis, who agreed with our objection but subsequently he obtained the following information from the Senior Planning Officer at GBC.  This is copied below, with highlighting as in the communication from GBC:

"Planning permission was granted to St Johns Ambulance in November 2002 to change the use of the property from a garage to a training room (under reference 02/00606/FULL). This use falls within Class D1 and no conditions were imposed on the original permission restricting its future use. Whilst planning permission was granted in November 2018 for a change of use from training room to one dwelling (18/00245/FULL), it appears this permission has not been implemented. The lawful use of the premises therefore remains for purposes with Class D1, although the permission for the change of use to residential will run for three years and could be implemented in the future. As the existing and proposed uses both fall within Class D1, there would be no change of use and as such the future use of the premises as an orthodontic clinic does not require planning permission.  As the application does not relate to a change of use, the issue of parking would not be a material consideration in this instance."

Unfortunately, the LRA were unable to pursue this any further but share residents’ frustrations on this issue.